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Rincón is Puerto Rico's best beach town, where emerald hills overlook golden Caribbean beaches and crystal waters and the sun sets behind a mountain in the sea. Rincon offers the best beaches for your preferred activities, as well as the best vacation rentals, villas, hotels and restaurants, all in a seaside setting, with lots to see and do. Step out of your life and experience the Rincon lifestyle for days, weeks, months... or for the rest of  your life.

Now in its 16th Year, the Rincon, Puerto Rico Online Information Guide, the only Rincon, PR website that is exclusively about Rincon, Puerto Rico.
We provide exclusive information and advertising about Rincon vacations, rentals, restaurants, shops, services, real estate, news, events, history and much more. We also feature an exclusive collection of the best lodging, dining, services and activities that has been carefully selected to offer the best that Rincon has to offer.


Rincon is a natural and authentic seaside paradise. Surrounded by water on three sides, Rincon was designed by nature to be a tropical playground in an ocean paradise. The warm days and cool nights in Rincon are filled with tropical sounds and music. The best part about Rincon is its people, who are warm, open, friendly and speak your language.

Rincon is an authentic place; not a sterile, planned vacation complex in an isolated area. In Rincon, you get to experience real island living. Here, you get to swim in different types of beautiful quiet beaches, eat and drink in laid-back places and actually walk around a 240 year old quaint town, with lots of things to see and do. In a matter of minutes, you can go from the seashore to a scenic tropical mountaintop. The locals are your tour guides, telling you about great places to go and of interesting things to do. In Rincon, to be spontaneous is to be natural.

In Rincon, a palpable positive energy perks you up and makes you want to swim, dive, fish, snorkel, surf, body-board, sail, hike, ride, eat, drink, party and find romance. Places to enjoy good times are not scarce. Beach bars with live bands are in abundance. If you're thirsty, a Rincon tropical drink is seconds away, if you're hungry, Rincon restaurants offer the best in Caribbean and gourmet cooking. When you finally get sleepy, Rincon has the best accommodations, with the best views in the entire Caribbean. In Puerto Rico, USA, you don't need your US Passport.

Rincon is a wonderful and secluded beach town that has allowed time and the troubles of the world to pass it by. It is a special place, filled with delightful sights, sounds and friendly people. To those of you who visit our website to keep in touch, welcome back! You'll agree that these pages contain a mere representation of what can only be seen with one's own eyes. If you haven't been to Rincon, Puerto Rico, visit us soon, but be warned: you may never want to leave.

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The Rincón Archives: 100+ Years of The Rincon Plaza in Pictures

RinconArchives.com is non-commercial history site, brought to you by Rincon Online, is dedicated to preserve and share historic images, video and documents related to Rincon, Puerto Rico. more...

The Rincón Lighthouse
 The lighthouse that you see in Rincón is not the original one. The first lighthouse was inaugurated on January 17, 1893, by the Spanish colonial government. It was to last only 28 years. more...
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