Rincon Vida
A slice of life in our great little town, yesterday and today.

Distinguished Woman: She did not just wander into town. She does not own a business. And she doesn't let everybody know how great she really is. Yet, in many ways, Cruci Velazquez epitomizes those great everyday Rincon women
Cruci  rum grad
who go beyond their calling to improve the lives of others. Born and raised in Rincon with six brothers and two sisters, Cruci applied herself to her studies and was one of the first Rincon women to obtain a college degree, including a Master's Degree in Social Work. She began her career with the Public Benefit Department in Rincon, eventually
becoming its Director. She then moved on to Education Social Work, visiting students and their parents in remote rural areas that sometimes had no paved roads to provide Social Services to the neediest families. She did so for thirty-three years, while raising her five children, Ony, Javier, Wilma, Nayda and Mayra, with her husband, Tony Quiñones. She also found time to start and run the local Girl Scouts troop. All her sons and daughters went to college and became successful in their respective careers. In the 1980's, Cruci was honored as Mother of the Year by the Puerto Rico Mothers Association. In retirement, she has never let up, by helping raise her nine grandchildren and serving as Minister of the Eucharist at the Santa Rosa de Lima Catholic Church. Her lifelong experiences and wisdom serves as inspiration to all that know her and who frequently seek her personal advice in family and educational matters. To honor her selfless life of service to our town and community, Mayor Carlos Lopez has issued a Proclamation that extols her values and virtues and declaring Cruci to be a Distinguished Citizen of Rincon. Like Cruci Velazquez, there are many really great women (and men) of Rincon from all generations that lead quiet and exemplary lives that serve as true inspiration to those that come to know them. You will be reading about them on this page.

3 Sirenas 1985
Tres Sirenas Then & Now: This is what Tres Sirenas Beachfront Inn looked like in 1985. It goes without saying that Harry & Lisa Rodriguez have done a great job transforming the place from an occasional use beach house to a beautiful beachfront bed & breakfast, which has become a classic Rincon oceanfront vacation spot, offering excellent comfort and service to discerning travelers in a casual setting at great rates. Each accommodation was designed to provide awesome direct beachfront views with breathtaking sunsets in an intimate setting. Tres Sirenas has been featured in the Condé Nast Traveler Magazine Top 28 List and the Travel & Leisure Magazine Top 27 List. They were also selected as a Fodor's top establishment with the Fodor's Choice distinction in its guidebooks and website. Tres Sirenas was also featured by Condé Nast Traveler on the Today Show. To see what it looks like today, visit TresSirenas.com. (photo: Aviles Family Collection).

The Secret Cemetery:  A hill in Ensenada that overlooks Tres Palmas holds a hidden and forgotten cemetery. During the early part of last century, a tuberculosis epidemic broke out in Rincon, causing over a dozen deaths. The victims were not allowed to be buried in the town cemetery. While the exact cause for this is not fully remembered, we know that in some countries when a person dies from tuberculosis, the family performs rituals that express a total break with the dead person to symbolically exclude her or him from the family. In other places, families deny a tuberculosis victim the right to normal funeral ceremonies, which would prevent him or her from entering the realm of the spirits of the ancestors. The belongings of the victim, especially clothes, are burned. Since the cemetery is now on private land, it is hard to access. (photo: Rincon-PR.com)

The Rincón Lighthouse: The lighthouse that you see in Rincón is not the original one. The first lighthouse was inaugurated on January 17, 1893, by the Spanish colonial government. It was to last only 28 years. The current lighthouse was completed in 1921. more...